Questions to Consider…

  • What is a tolerable amount of "data loss" in a disaster for your company?
  • How much effort in terms of time and cost would it take to replace a single day's data from a key corporate application?
  • How much embarrassment or frustration (or potentially lost business) would be experienced in the process of replacing this data?
  • Can your business operate effectively following the loss of such data?
  • How much downtime for database recovery can your company tolerate on a specific application in the event of a database crash or corruption?

Why Use Managed Services?

In most corporate environments a myriad of applications are supplied from a range of application developers and vendors. While they may have different client side application environments, such as Microsoft.NET, Visual Basic, Delphi, C++, they often share the same database platform in the backend.

While individual application suppliers look after the client-side and the interaction of the application with the database, managing the back end data is often overlooked or not given appropriate priority.

If your SQL Server or Oracle databases have been installed without consideration of the back end data, then it is likely your database environment is not appropriately configured or supported.

If you have mission critical databases and have not considered the questions on the left, then your data will be at risk and it may not be as recoverable as you think!
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