Managed Services


Tailored for companies that want to outsource full management of their database activities. Gold support offers a comprehensive list of services to support the server. The server may be a production server running mission critical applications and SQL Services acts as the DBA.

SQL Services take responsibility for the following tasks:

  • Daily Monitoring of database activity
  • Regular database re-indexing
  • Regular database consistency checks
  • Resolving backup failure issues
  • Database instance configuration changes
  • Applying database hot fixes, security alerts, patches and service packs
  • Escalation of unresolved alerts and errors
  • Supporting in-house DBA's in resolving alerts and errors
  • Database device/file growth and space allocation
  • Rebuilding systems following server crashes
  • Restoring user databases in the event of disaster or failure
  • Verify backup schedules operational and recovery process valid
  • Resolving database integrity issues
  • Investigate server side performance issues
  • Transaction log management
  • Management of tablespaces
  • Rebuilding corrupted database indexes
  • Reviewing Operating System and RDBMS error logs
  • Reviewing RDBMS security requirements, planning/implementing security
  • Reviewing DBA support issues with customer IT staff
  • Comprehensive DBA report to customer
  • Access to the SQL Services Portal for near real time server monitoring
  • Maintain sound DBA site documentation
  • Liaise with key database users re performance and connectivity issues
  • Liaise with network administrators and application providers over ongoing requirements, upgrades and user issues
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