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Microsoft Access is prevalent in many organisations, up to and including enterprise level. Often commencing life as an unofficial, minor department level database with one or two users, and growing over time to a mission critical multi-user database, completely out of scale for the platform it was originally designed upon.

SQL Services is able to undertake conversions from Microsoft Access to Microsoft SQL Server, without a major rewrite required, leaving the front end graphical user interface (GUI) as is within the familiarity of Microsoft Access, but the data residing within the much more secure and robust Microsoft SQL Server database platform.

These conversions can alleviate numerous issues encountered with Microsoft Access, and yet is a practical, cost-effective solution you can commence today.

Converting your mission-critical Microsoft Access solution to SQL Server will retain the look and feel that your users are accustomed to, and will achieve:

  • Higher availability
  • Database consistency
  • Enhanced performance
  • Point-in-time recoverability
  • Unlimited database size
  • True multi-user processing
  • Strong security
  • High volume of concurrent users
  • Scalability
  • Future-proofing
  • Comprehensive disaster recovery and high availability options
  • Improved data quality
  • Integration with other enterprise level databases
  • Best practice implementation for data audit and compliance regulations

If you're after a fresh web-based look and feel, SQL Services are also able to assist with Access conversions to SharePoint. If you don't have SharePoint in-house, Cloud options also exist to give you the conversion you require, without the overhead.

With these Service Offerings from SQL Services, it’s now an ideal time to consider upgrading your Microsoft Access solutions to a platform you can depend upon for years to come.

To request information on Migrations, or any of SQL Services offerings, click here.

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