Over a 10 day period ending last week we had a particularly nasty problem with the Service Desk Application. As part of troubleshooting I needed to investigate whether there were any SQL server changes or SQL errors, and eventually had to get an urgent temporary restore of our database to test a workaround. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the SQL Services team’s quick and professional response. Not only did they help quickly with each request, but they went to some trouble to offer advice and suggestions around the problem. Once again the DiData SQL Services team stands out from other service providers in the support they provide, and it’s been a huge help in getting over this particular issue.
Ken Briscoe

Professional Services


Corporate environments host a myriad of applications. While they may have different client side application environments, they often share the same database platform in the back end. While application suppliers look after the client side and the interaction of the application with the database, managing the back end data is often overlooked or not given appropriate priority although it represents significant value to the company. This data is not easily replaced and would create significant headaches, downtime, cost or embarrassment if it was lost and required to be replaced.

A clear backup strategy is therefore required for managing corporate databases. If this is not documented and well understood then the recovery process will be similarly ad-hoc, confusing and uncertain as to the final results. SQL Services will assist in forming this strategy with you.

At SQL Services, we understand that different SQL Server and Oracle versions have different backup/restore intricacies as well as a number of different disaster recovery offerings. Our auditing, planning and testing services will verify just how recoverable your corporate databases actually are, decide the best strategy for your environment and therefore give you the ability to recover databases or fail over to standby environments in disaster scenarios.

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