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Do Basic Availability Groups Replace Database Mirroring? 28 Feb 2017
Senior SQL Services Consultant Mark Read has added a new post on his blog discussing whether the new 2016 Basic Availability Groups provide a suitable replacement for the deprecated...
SQL Saturday Sydney 18th February 2017 16 Feb 2017
SQL Services Client Services Manager Robert Douglas is speaking at SQL Saturday Sydney on how to speed up your SQL Servers. Register on the SQL Saturday Site for a great day of free SQL Training in Sydney on 18th February.
SQL Saturday Melbourne 11th February 2017 08 Feb 2017
SQL Services Client Services Manager Robert Douglas is speaking at SQL Saturday Melbourne on 11th February. Register on the SQL Saturday Site for a great day of free SQL Training in Melbourne.
Restoring/Downgrading SQL Server Database to Older Version 08 Sep 2016

Sometimes we may need to restore a higher version of SQL Server database to lower version which was considered impossible before. Now we have different options to perform the downgrade.

These options include:

  • Generate Scripts wizard of SQL Server Management...
Resolving Always On Availability Group Synchronisation Problems in Write Intensive Environments 12 Aug 2016
Database High Availability systems such as Database Mirroring and Always on Availability Groups rely, directly or indirectly, on what is being written to the transaction log to keep the secondary databases in sync. This can create a problem when there are processes with high transaction log writes. In...
Different SQL 2012 Enterprise Editions 01 Aug 2016
If you run the following check on your schedulers:
select * from sys.dm_os_schedulers
You should see them all Online, either Visible for user processes or hidden online for internal database engine processes. Unless you are using Affinity mask you should not see any as offline if...
Oracle 12c now available 05 Aug 2013

After the much anticipated launch, Oracle 12c is now available for download. Oracle 12c is the first Oracle release designed with the cloud in mind, providing a new multitenant architecture that simplifies database consolidation in the cloud. With over 500 new additions being made to Oracle 12c,...

SQL Services Hot Tip: Backing up to NUL device 06 Mar 2013
Occasionally I’ve come across a site where backups are taken to disk = ‘NUL’. Note that’s NUL with 1 L and not NULL with 2 L’s. This allows a database in full recoverability to perform a pretend log backup and therefore the log file to be cleared and re-used. No resultant file is placed on disk so...
SQL Services Hot Tip: Oracle virtualization bundled deal 29 Oct 2012
Oracle are looking to increase their share of the x86 virtualization market with a bundled deal, which at the entry level is Sun X3-2L hardware (2 * 8 Core 2.2 GHz processors, 128G of RAM & 2 * 300 GB SAS internal disks) and includes 4*3 TB SAS storage, Oracle Linux & Oracle VM Server & 3 years 24*7...
SQL Services Hot Tip: Can you logship to a higher version of SQL Server? 04 Oct 2012
Yes…and no. It is (technically) possible to logship to a higher version of SQL Server (for instance from SQL 2005 to SQL 2008), but there are limited situations when this is useful.
When the database is recovered, the database version is updated to the higher version. For this reason you can...

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