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SQL Services’ clients are organisations with SQL Server or Oracle environments that are becoming increasingly mission-critical. Our role is to manage the risk associated with data stored in these SQL Server or Oracle databases. While we usually operate where there is no DBA expertise in- house, we also provide DBA services to customers to support an in-house DBA, providing resource cover and specific expertise for problem solving and new directions.

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"The SQL Server migration was 100% successful: there were no incidents of any severity. It was done in record time… this one took the same number of days that the previous migration took in weeks. I credit Kokila with the speed, ease and seamless completion of the migration. It was a genuine pleasure to work with such a competent DBA. She made the whole task look easy. I would highly recommend Kokila for any DBA work you may require in the future."
"I wanted to thank you and your team for being so helpful and proactive when we encounter issues. It really makes our life easier and for me personally, it is very nice having such a great relationship with a vendor. "
Bram Breels, Business Systems Manager
Marlborough District Council
"Thanks for all the work Sofia has done on the SQL edition downgrade. Everything has gone very smoothly and she has completed all the downgrades. Really appreciate her efforts and all the work she has put in out of hours to get it done before the end of Feb! It’s great to know we are in safe hands!"
Gilly Lawrence, IT Operations Team Leader
ANZCO Foods Limited
"Early this morning there was a requirement for a production database to be restored at short notice. [SQL Services] was tasked with the job, and performed an exemplary recovery of the situation, with informative and detailed narrative of the procedure. Despite A/V and laptop restrictions hampering efforts, the experience and end-result was smooth, professionally-handled and thorough. Thanks to [SQL Services’] efforts and analysis, future work efficiency on the servers is expected to improve considerably. "
Paul Hannam, Software Support Officer, Theta Technologies Pty Ltd
Might River Power
"This is a complimentary letter for Alex for his awesomeness. All members in your team are awesome, I bet you are spammed with complimentary letters like this. But we should not be used to your excellent service and take it for granted."
James Yang
"As the dust settles from the go-live weekend it is clear that the project implementation has been a success. I have received very pleasing feedback from the TrustPower management – lots of smiles! The BRT component is operating excellently and this is a credit to your knowledge, professionalism, dedication, and hard work. "
Murray Irvine, Project Manager
Bank South Pacific – Fiji
"We would like to extend our gratitude for the job well done carried out by Leo whilst he was here last week. We indeed valued his contribution and expertise in completing the task well within schedule. Thanks again Leo for your support and we will surely recommend you to other customers who would like a similar set up done!"
Sera Chung
"It’s always a pleasure to work with anyone at SQL Services, I find you a breath of fresh air with your professionalism and thoroughness"
Fiona Taylor
Walking Access Commission
"All is going well here, the services provided by SQL are fantastic."
Ric Cullinane
"FMG has been using SQL Services for approximately 4 years now, over that time they have assisted FMG with numerous projects as well as providing me with peace of mind for mission critical applications by providing cover for my sole charge DBA. I have found their team friendly, knowledgeable and eager to assist. I would certainly recommend them to anyone needing professional DBA services. "
Tim Wales, Application Development & Support Manager
OAMPS Insurance Brokers Ltd
"This was above and beyond normal service expectations. We were in a jam and you really helped out. Thanks."
Mark Hansen, Manager - Business Systems & Architecture
Melbourne Business School
"This was my first experience in dealing with Team West. The level of service provided was excellent. Darryn did an excellent job, especially when there were changes to the cut-over timelines that we had earlier communicated."
Jitu Patil
Mighty River Power
"Sharon is the best, while the whole team is the best!"
James Yang, Project Manager
Automatic Fire Alarm Monitoring Ltd
"Rob has been essential to the resolution of this case, going above and beyond to ensure that the issue was resolved - and helping to put in place a solution that should ensure that it stays resolved. He has earned my highest levels of praise, and would gladly recommend his work to others."
Sean Robertson, Technical Manager
Office of the Clerk of the House of Representative
"I have been talking with Guy, Alistair and Rajinder. They are all really really helpful. I really appreciate their services. Thanks to the SQL Service Team, You are superstars."
Luke Liu, Senior Applications Support Analyst
HW Richardson Group
"Great service as always - thanks."
Grant Harrington, Application Delivery Coordinator
LeaderBrand Produce Ltd
"Very professional service. Thanks for the quick and accommodating service and noteworthy communications."
Terry Duncan, IT Coordinator
AB Equipment Limited
"Thanks for the work around last nights planned outage. Very pleased we have you guys on board as previous to this a full outage would have been a major risk."
Nick Stewart, GM- IT and Business Systems
Toga Group of Companies
"I just wanted to drop you a short e-mail to say that SQL Services have been a pleasure to deal with and everybody I have dealt with is professional and always willing to assist. I probably deal with [this DBA] the most and he is very helpful and knowledgeable and an absolute pleasure to deal with. No request is ever too hard. On the odd occasion where we have had an emergency the on call DBA has responded quickly and managed to resolve the issues for us. This arrangement has been a beneficial one for us and I just wanted to express our gratitude for the way the relationship is handled by yourselves."
Nicholas Bell, Computer Systems Manager
Gen-i BOP
"We have had some real issues with one of our clients applications. We didn’t have the in-depth SQL skills/knowledge that SQL Services have. Once SQL Services became involved they were able to pinpoint the issue and also back this up with solid evidence. SQL Services contribution was not only acknowledged by us but equally so by the client. I just wanted to say that we at Gen-i are hugely thankful to the work that SQL Services team have put into this account."
Alex Johnston, Project Manager – PMP
Blue Care
"Just wanted to pass on my appreciation of the work done by [SQL Services]. They are without fail, responsive, helpful and professional in all of my dealings with them."
Mark Smith, Applications Manager
New Zealand Trade and Enterprise
"...I was very pleased with their prompt response. Didn’t have to explain much. Their service was excellent. Wish most of our vendors were more like them"
Philip Lewis, Senior Support Specialist
Farmers Mutual Group
"FMG has been using SQL Services for approximately 15 months now. From an initial position where the in-house DBA was nervous about bringing in external resource and skills, the relationship has grown consistently to be one of partnership and knowledge sharing. The in-house DBA now feels comfortable that SQL Services are supplementing and adding expertise to his own work, while management is delighted with the increased redundancy of coverage and peace of mind for mission critical application cover. As our partnership grows we are now kicking off a number of engagements in partnership with SQL Services around core system availability and stability as well as rationalisation and cost reductions."
Rob Robinson, Application Development & Support Manager
Foundation for Research, Science and Technology
"SQL Services provided the solution to our issue of quality service and support to our development team and improved our operational capabilities. Easy to deal with in a very professional manner."
Bill Ritchie, Manager (Information Management)
"...SQL Services are bl**dy fantastic!..."
Paul Keesing, IT Portfolio Manager
"Just a quick note to say that it’s always a pleasure dealing with [you]. Your response to queries is quick, informative, and always provides some useful options, suggestions etc. You definitely win my “vendor of the year” award."
Kristin Palmer, Project Manager
P&O Transport Australia
"I wish that all of the service organisations that I dealt with adopted the SQL [Services] model for Service Delivery. It is exemplary. Thank you for your prompt service and attention."
Anna Van Tatenhove
Guild Group
"The Managed SQL Server service [provided by SQL Services/Dimension Data] has simplified the day to day running of our SQL Server environment. The prompt and timely responses from Team West have facilitated the identification and resolution of day-to-day problems."
Tobias Strube
"Over a 10 day period ending last week we had a particularly nasty problem with the Service Desk Application. As part of troubleshooting I needed to investigate whether there were any SQL server changes or SQL errors, and eventually had to get an urgent temporary restore of our database to test a workaround. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the SQL Services team’s quick and professional response. Not only did they help quickly with each request, but they went to some trouble to offer advice and suggestions around the problem. Once again the DiData SQL Services team stands out from other service providers in the support they provide, and it’s been a huge help in getting over this particular issue."
Ken Briscoe
Downer EDI Mining
"The Managed SQL Server provided by SQL Services has simplified my role as Database Administrator. The prompt and timely responses from Team West have facilitated the identification and resolution of day-to-day problems."
Chris Corcoran, Database Administrator
Mr Apple
"Working with the SQL Services team has been a great asset to the success of our business. We especially enjoy the benefits from the seasonal flexibility of their maintenance service. We are getting great business value from SQL Services and would recommend them to anyone."
Jan Norris
"Thanks to you and the team. This is awesome information and has helped us greatly eliminate a perceived performance issue with our infrastructure. Thanks again."
Hamish Roy
P&O Transport Australia
"The SQL Services team are P&O Transport Australia’s best service provider."
Darryl Drake
"Thanks very much for the prompt response and proposals. Your service is amazing!"
Naomi du Plessis
University Of Auckland
"SQL Services have the expertise and management framework to remotely support our SQL databases and the recovery of these databases using log shipping, so we went with a proven solution that continues to provide benefit to our operation, in fact this contract has become the benchmark for other suppliers of services to ITS."
Russell Smith, Associate Director - Operations - ITS
Scenic Circle Hotels
"SQL Services have played an integral part in the design, development and rollout of replication for our Property Management System and ongoing database support. This system has provided us with an invaluable business tool that gives us an advantage over our competitors, which I believe others would have struggled to complete without their technical know-how and expert opinion. SQL Services brings a very high level of service, quality and professionalism to the IT industry that others promise, but rarely deliver."
Piers Hutchings, Information Technology Manager
Southland District Council
"It’s good to know that if we have specific questions about Oracle or SQL, we have the arrangements in place to talk directly to the experts about these issues. You could trust your life to SQL Services’ DBAs."
Damon Campbell, Manager - Information Technology
New Zealand Trade & Enterprise
"Before we started using SQL Services it took a number of full time staff to provide the same level of coverage. SQL Services is also available 24/7 whereas our database administration staff only covered us during the day. The changes have reduced NZTE’s database administration costs and led to a range of other benefits."
Richard Ashworth, Chief Technology Officer
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